With the Flow

by Rui Chan

Illustrated haikus

Haikus are everywhere. They just want to spring on every occasion.

When she challenged herself to write 52 haikus on a weekly basis in 2018, Rui Chan already knew that. For a while, she had scribbled down ideas or stored stuff in her phone… To do so more regularly seemed realistic. Very quickly, this project expanded and illustrations were added. As well as an English adaptation of the original French!

Now, these fifty-something haikus written with the flow are a collection, and some extra poems and full HD illustrations are coming along.


I liked, no, I loved that every haiku was both in English and French. Depending on the language, the rendering is not always the same, allowing us to fully enjoy all the aspects of each haiku.

(translated from the French)

Salema Weyard


Extraits (bientôt ^^)

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