Awakening (writings from my youth)

by Rui Chan


More or less classical poems, testifying to the blossoming of an individual and a writer from teenage to young adulthood.

« The author I am today built herself with time. When I was younger, I wrote all sorts of poetry. Classic or modern, these poems show my transition from childhood to early adulthood. Just like everyone else, I discovered a lot during that period – about myself, others and artistic expression. This outpouring of sometimes hard to identify emotions that we face during teenage, I poured onto paper.

Today, I’m supposed to be fully grown-up and I’ve changed, for sure; yet I sometimes feel like this young girl searching and finding herself again.
Now, I mostly write fiction; though my characters are as many reflections of at least parts of myself, I keep things less personal. When I found this collection which I was never able to submit in the past, I rediscovered the themes that are still recurrent in my writing: bisexuality, eroticism, melancholy and gothic, the links we forge with others but also the implacability of life.
And now I feel ready to share them.
I’m giving you my awakening as a writer, hoping it might resonate in you. »

Rui Chan



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