We Missed Each Other...

by Rui Chan

Short LGBTQ Romance

Between regret and nostalgia, a woman takes us through her memories of a time, not so long ago, when homosexuality was a crime.

Widowed for some time, Marie lives a simple and solitary routine in the countryside. Old photos make happy memories spring back and among them, her youth in Paris, with parties, forbidden relationships, and above all the beautiful Aliénor she met at the archery club.

At the heart of the 1980s, Marie and Aliénor become good friends and spend great times together. But life happens and sends Aliénor away, forcing Marie to face her real feelings


Immediately taken by the story, I was amazed at how fast I finished it.

(translated from the French)



Cléa Books

A beautiful read.

(translated from the French)


Mademoiselle Justine lit

A beautiful, authentic story, full of emotions, melancholy and reserve, that snatches you from page 1 and that we'd even like to be a bit longer...

(translated from the French)


Le Cercle des Lecteurs disparus

I'm mitigated because this story is really short...

(translated from the French)


Excerpts (soon)

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