by Rui Chan

Short erotica

Take delight in this collection where pleasure is on every page!

Ah, that moment when desire is so overwhelming that we lose track of what’s reasonable…

Those times when the other is so perfectly neat and beautiful we only want one thing: make creases on their outfit to access the even higher beauty that’s beneath.

Oh, and how we love to get rumpled sometimes!

Lesbian, bi and straight short stories, poems and flash fictions for mature readers.


I like Rui Chan's style. It's sensitive and delicate, just like her characters. [...]
And then, there's this sensuousness with a pinch of eroticism with absolutely no vulgarity.
(translated from the French)


Mes Critiques littéraires

Tenderness and poetry, a nice love at first read.

(translated from the French)


Mademoiselle Justine lit

Being short does not make that collection less fascinating. Far from it! All these very short stories are exhilarating and each one makes you want to read the next!

(translated from the French)


La Liseuse amoureuse

I will mostly insist on the melodic quality of the style. A genuinely nice surprise. Pages are turned, one after the other, simply to keep being touched by the writing.

(translated from the French)


La Bibliophilie d'Alaïne

Everything here is delicate and soft, all is delightful.... We get immersed in these stories for a short getaway moment, a fleeting time of tenderness.

(translated from the French)

Louve Alpha

Sur les ailes d'un livre

Appropriately titled Rumples for the burgeoning impulse to smear any good attempt at self possession with the very disarmingly welcome one of passion, singularly and effectively, loosening the ties that bind.


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