Red Hot Springs

by Rui Chan

Short erotica

Get carried away by the waves of desire in this short erotica where love and tenderness open the way to juicy moments.

After fifteen years in a happy marriage, American Leslie and French Matthieu treat themselves to a second honeymoon at the heart of the Japanese Alps to enjoy a romantic stay in natural hot springs.

Siobhan, on the other hand, seeks haven there to tend to her wounds from a rough break-up.

When their paths cross, between fantasies and temptation,  their stay becomes one of a kind…


♥Firm Favorite♥

The author's style is soft and simple. It's an easy, quick read.
I strongly recommend this M/F/F short story which is sensual and has no vulgarity.
(translated from the French)


Mes Critiques littéraires

I really enjoyed it!

(translated from the French)


Mademoiselle Justine lit

The "Red Hot Springs" are a nice discovery. A quick read, perfect between two novels or for a relaxing break. Yet, Rui Chan invites us to meditate on marital bliss and marriage, whatever your sexual orientation.

(translated from the French)


Line Marlin


Rui Chan's style is soft, sensuous and very delicate, you won't find any vulgarity in this short erotica—only the intense love of a couple.

(translated from the French)


Sur les ailes d'un livre

I enjoyed the setting which allowed me to get away, the couple, but in the end I was left hungry for more.

(translated from the French)



La Vie en lecture

The author's writing is smooth and dynamic. The sex scenes are nice but, to my mind, abridged because the story is short.

(translated from the French)





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