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ROW80 – 2022 – Round 4 – Check-in 6 (November, 13th 2022)

Hi everyone! 

Note: To keep posts short, I’ve made a Trello board with my goals for the year. Feel free to check it out if you want to know more about the bigger plan.

My word for the week is CAREGIVING.

As my future ex-husband got badly sick with the flu (maybe H1N1, the physician thought it pointless to check as the treatment is the same apparently), I had to take care of the girls on my own while also taking care of him a little, since I’m not a monster and still care about him. 

I took it as a good opportunity to see how things would be once we live apart, and also if I become a foster mom.

It comforted me in this project. If I can take care of my ex, I probably can take care of anyone, right?

Jokes aside, I know I’m a caregiver and I’ve decided to live my life more compassionately, so I also called the administration in charge of fostering and I’m happy I didn’t wait since the next introductory meeting in my city is mid-January.

Another good thing this week is that I managed to keep writing on a daily basis while juggling with caregiving and work too, so I guess you could say I’m back to my old self, or rather my former level of energy and motivation, as I’m definitely not my old self after all. ^^

Overall, only Wednesday was a bit too much, but I had a really big day at work and once again, it proved to be what makes everything else too much by the end of the day. I need to keep that in mind and to avoid filling days with classes whenever I can. Well especially Wednesdays, if I’m to look after kids.

But mostly, a good week! 😀

November Goals

Studies: aiming at 100%
Genki Chapters 19-22 37%
Writing: aiming at 80%
CS Cycle 2.1 78%
Writing: aiming at 100% (AWAITING FEEDBACK)
Sleep Story: The End of a Long Day 82%
Writing: aiming at 80% (ON HOLD)
Sleep Story: A Stroll by the sea 62%
Writing: aiming at 50% (ON HOLD)
Memoir: An Alien in the Family 35%
Final draft: aiming at 100% (PASS)
Rotten (US) 100%
Translating: aiming at 100% (PASS)
Meditation: Mantra 100%
Correcting: aiming at 100% (PASS)
Meditation: Breathing exercises 100%
Recording: aiming at 100%
Meditation: Loving Kindness Extra sessions 100%
Recording: aiming at 100%
Meditation: Body Scan 100%
Video editting: aiming at 100%
Meditation: Work Life 20%
Publishing: aiming at 100%
Meditation: Gratitude 67%
Online Courses: English - Elementary — aiming at 100%
Ppt & script 78%
Japanese Initiation: aiming at 100%
Script & workbook 100%

How about you? What is your word for this week and why? Let me know in the comments. Take care!


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