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ROW80 – 2022 – Round 4 – Check-in 2 (October, 16th 2022)

Hi everyone! 

Note: To keep posts short, I’ve made a Trello board with my goals for the year. Feel free to check it out if you want to know more about the bigger plan.

My word for the week is JUGGLING.

Between the usual multitasking aspects of being a working mom, meeting the divorce attorney, working on new online courses, studying for midterms and having an interview for the potential new job, it’s been hard staying organized this week.

Every day felt like I had to be at least 3 different people, sometimes at the exact same time.

Thankfully, reducing my medication has helped me stay more focused when it was necessary. Which is perfect as next week is the start of mid-terms. 

Strangely enough, that means I can take it easier for a few weeks. I’ll have a 20-minute oral test next week, then the general exam for the whole class for an hour and an interview on my final essay the week after that, and then nothing unless I need to resit, which obviously I hope not.

So this week might have been busy but at least the rest of the month should be easier schedule-wise.

As for the job interview, I think it went well but of course it might go even better for one of the 3 other remaining applicants, so we’ll have to wait and see.

October Goals

Studies: aiming at 100% (PASS)
Genki Chapters 17-18 100%
Writing: aiming at 80% (ON HOLD)
CS Cycle 2.1 76%
Writing: aiming at 100% (AWAITING FEEDBACK)
Sleep Story: The End of a Long Day 82%
Writing: aiming at 80% (ON HOLD)
Sleep Story: A Stroll by the sea 62%
Writing: aiming at 50% (ON HOLD)
Memoir: An Alien in the Family 35%
Final draft: aiming at 100%
Rotten (US) 50%
Translating: aiming at 100% (PASS)
Meditation: Breathing Exercises 100%
Correcting: aiming at 100% (PASS)
Meditation: Body-Scan 100%
Correcting: aiming at 100% (PASS)
Meditation: Loving Kindness Extra sessions 100%
Recording: aiming at 66% (PASS)
Meditation: 30-day challenge 100%
Video editting: aiming at 100%
Meditation: Pain Management 57%
Publishing: aiming at 100%
Meditation: 3 Sleep Meditations + 2 Gratitude 60%
Online Courses: English - Elementary
Planning and cross-referencing 29%
Japanese Initiation: aiming at 75% (PASS)
Script & workbook 82%

How about you? What is your word for this week and why? Let me know in the comments. Take care!


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