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ROW80 – 2022 – Round 1 – Check-in 1 (January, 9th 2022)

Hi everyone! 

Note: To keep posts short, I’ve made a Trello board with my goals for the year. Feel free to check it out if you want to know more about the bigger plan.

My word for the week is SCHEDULING.

The 1st term of the Japanese degree will start in week 3 but of course there’s also some preparation work and even some assignments are due before the classes actually begin.

Because it’s a distance course, most of the work is self-study. This is precisely why I chose this course and I’m excited about it. But as a result, I ended up signing for a side class on reading as this is my weakness when it comes to Japanese.

And since I had also forgotten a training on blended and online course design I had registered for, that’s a couple of extra goals for the month. (To be fair, when I signed up, it was supposed to start in December, not just before the beginning of the term.)

This week, I was also supposed to schedule recording of the first novel in my fantasy saga but after recording 2 chapters, I decided against it after all. The process was interesting and I might read aloud more while revising, but for now, I just don’t have time for this. Plus, I realized when I started recording I use illustrations or “documents” as part of the story sometimes and I can’t record that! So that goal will disappear next time.

So the first half of the week was a mix of stress and excitement as I went back to work too (lots of planning to do there too, of course). A good indicator is my sleep, and I unsurprisingly woke up between 4 and 5 AM on working days, but I’m relieved to see I still got at least 7 hours of sleep even on those days, and I even got over 8 hours last night, with 5 hours of deep sleep.  As this is my #1 health concern in the long run, I’m glad to see things get settled. ^^

This probably helped when it came to my goals, and except for missing yoga once, I did pretty well and can relax a bit today. 😀

January Goals

Writing: aiming at 50%
CS Cycle 2.1 59%
Writing short story: aiming at 30%
The Consultant 0%
Revising/Recording: aiming at 30% (DROPPED)
CS Cycle 1.1: record for revisions and alpha-reading 2%
Correcting: aiming at 100%
Meditation: Emergencies 100%
Correcting: aiming at 100%
Meditation: Advanced 100%
Translating: aiming at 100%
Meditation: Teachers 100%
Translating: aiming at 12%
Rotten 0%
Recording: aiming at 100%
Meditation: Low Mood 0%
Recording: aiming at 100%
Meditation: Learning to sit (app version) 0%
Video editting: aiming at 100%
Meditation: Low Mood 0%
Publishing: aiming at 80%
Meditation: Beginners 50%
Work: Japanese course: aiming at 100%
Module 5: audio 27%
Work: Japanese course: aiming at 100%
Workbook 1.1 24%
Work: Japanese for kids/teenagers: aiming at 16%
Erin-based ppt 11%
Hanashimashou: aiming at 73%
M4: Enriched ppt lessons for online classes 63%
Story Time: Wizard & Cat: aiming at 100%
Finalize workbook 1 94%
Studies: aiming at 100%
Online Teaching 100%
Studies: aiming at 100%
Blended and Online Learning Design 0%
Studies: aiming at 100%
Reading Japanese 1 100%

How about you? What is your word for this week and why? Let me know or share your links in the comments. Take care!

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